Sunday, October 30, 2011

                                                           Emily's Costume
                                                               Jaxon enjoying his sucker
                                                             Jaxon "Hunting Big Deer"
Kids having a good time

Emily dressed up for school

Emily with the scarecrow outside The Anniversary Inn

Jaxon looking for his candy

Emily and Jaxon 


Emily and Grandpa Boyd

Jaxon waiting to go trick or treating

A Full Weekend

Had a wonderful weekend... It started Saturday morning took Emily trick or treating at the Anniversary Inn. Levi, Tabetha and Jaxon came with us. Emily's provider and family came with us as well. After we got done at the Anniversary Inn we came back to the house for a BBQ and a little Halloween party. Emily requested a pinata so Dallas went out and bought a Clown face pinata and candy. On Sunday took everyone to Kathryn Albertsons Park and did Senior pictures as well as family pictures.. What a fun and full weekend!! Tomorrow is another full day of working and trick or treating one last time for the year.. I have to say I wouldn't change my life for anything right now.. Had a wonderful day and more to come.

Monday, September 19, 2011

My Special Seniors

Had a great weekend... Got a new car on Thursday... Watched some great football Friday night Boise won against Toledo.. Saturday watch some optimists football.. On Sunday got a new dog Titan... And took senior pictures of David, Dalton and Dalton's friend Taylor. Had a wonderful time. It was a lot of fun. The first time doing a "photo shoot" on my own. It was tons of fun!! Can't wait to do the second photo shoot real soon..

Monday, September 5, 2011

                                                      Hailey showing her BSU spirit!

                                              Jaxon and Hailey getting ready for the game

                                               "Happy Birthday" Hailey

                                                Hailey and Jaxon wanting some cake

                                         Some of the nice presents Hailey got for her birthday!

                                                           Pretty shirt from grandma Patti

                                                           Uncle Chief and Alysha

                                                          Alysha enjoy the dips

                                                    Jaxon and Alysha enjoying the good food

                                                          Janay and Jaxon


Had a wonderful time at Levi and Tabetha's. We watched the Boise State Broncos kill the Georgia Bulldogs 35-21. We also celebrated Hailey's 4th birthday! Turned out to be a really good day! Broncos won and got to spend some wonderful time with family and friends.